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Amazing Facts About Article Marketing And The Power It Gives To SEO And Traffic

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Author: Jim Corkern

I have been meaning to write this article for a long time now but have failed to do so. There is much confusion as to how and why article marketing is so effective for seo and traffic. Well, the time has come for someone to lay it on the table for you.

Before we get into the articles we need to dispel a few myths. The first myth is that links from related sites are better than non related sites. This is part true , each page within a site is its own entity. pr is a way to prove it as a rank is assigned to each page, not one rank for the entire site, so a link on a related page is effective. Like an article directory.

The reason i say this is because the value of a link is rated by pr of the page the link is on, notice I did not say site? Having your keyword or some of your keywords in the title and content of the page. Number of outbound links from the page and the text or keywords close to your link. This is just a few of the factors. There are many other factors like position of the link on the page.

The beauty of articles is that you control the content and the title of the page it is published on. If you go to any article directory and click on an article you will notice that the title of the page is the title of the article. Most bloggers and web-site publishers also use the same practice. So, if you write your title right you just acquired links with your keywords in the title of the page. That just helped the power of the link. Now, if you manage to get your keywords of phrases in the content you just made it more powerful.

This is starting to look pretty good now, Lets keep going and see if we can find some more places to find advantages of seo with articles.

The whole reason of seo is to gain targeted traffic, right? well, I am going to blow your mind here, Let me show you some stats from just one article.

Article id 328196 on has had 241 views, 16 publishes and emailed 1 time. And this is just 1 article in one directory. With a 1% click through ratio that is 2 clicks to the site. Not very impressive. Lets investigate a little deeper.Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The example article was submitted to about 100 directories and is showing about 150 times in Google. To see this get an article title and past it in a search engine and you can see how may times it is indexed by that search engine. Now with an average of 2 clicks per publish, that just brought the traffic to 300 clicks from one article.

I can write an article in about an hour, what would 300 clicks cost on adwords? Are you starting to get the picture?

Now lets start writing just 1 article a day and now we do 300 times 30. That is for 30 days in a month. Now what does your traffic look like? It still gets better. What does month 2 do, what about month 3 and so on.

Now, the page you get your article on starts as a pr0 page, what will it be in a few months, you just increased the value of the links again, plus the traffic. Then you might have some bloggers or website owners that put your article on a pr 5 page.

The entire internet marketing game is nothing but math. Keep playing the numbers and you will soon win your game.

Articles are the most effective and cost effective way to get traffic and high search engine rankings. You have to stay consistent to make it happen.

Where else can you generate that kind of traffic and links in only 30 hours a month?

Instant article submitter is an article submission software that is about 100 bucks, but the most automated I have seen short of an article submission service. It is an investment that will pay you over and over if you really want to succeed in the online game, or use a submission service, but this cost more money per article. Article marketer is one of the cheapest and most comprehensive submission services I have seen, if you choose to use a submission service and I highly recommend them.

If you want to succeed in the online marketing game, you had better make articles just as regular as your fluid intake. You are doomed to have a weak business without articles.

You say you are doing well now? How would another 15 to 20 k uniques a month help your bottom line?

It does not happen over night, but by month 2 you will start seeing a good increase in traffic and links and you know the traffic is targeted and the links are quality and are only going to get stronger.

Always remember that hope is not a strategy...nor is it a solution. Prepare, put this into action and you will soon see a steady stream of high quality traffic and top search engine traffic


About the Author:

Jim Corkern works full time as an seo and online marketing expert. He now can be contacted through New York Web Design company

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Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Author: Vanessa Arellano Doctor

Search engine optimization is one of the best tools that most Web business owners can utilize in order to be able to make the most out of their business online. Unfortunately, not a lot of website or Web business owners know enough about SEO and what it can do to help them and their business.

If they are able to utilize SEO properly, then they will be able to increase their website traffic, and at the same time improve their sales, giving website owners the advantage over their competition online. Since not all of these Web business owners possess the knowledge of what search engine optimization is all about, and its possible benefits to their online business, they sometimes commit a few mistakes in their attempts to utilize such a program for their advantage.

One of the mistakes that Web business owners often commit is that they spend too much time on the design of their website, and not enough time on the content. Keep in mind that the content of your website is more important than the design, which is why people who invest too much money on site designs primarily instead of focusing on its content will only end up wasting it since this will only bring in a few people to visit their website. Instead, try to invest in copywriting initially, and only spend money on the site design later on.

Web business owners sometimes forget the importance of great content, and how they should create fresh content. Doing so will greatly benefit their online business since search engines will reward websites that offer fresh content to their visitors, regardless of its format. Some Web business owners tend to overlook this aspect, and they do not implement this in their websites, causing their website to not generate the desired amount of traffic. However, online business owners should not do this if they are only aiming to improve their search engine ranking. One way that they can improve their SEO ranking is by posting blogs or forums that its visitors can use and interact with other users, making them come back for more later on, thereby increasing the generated traffic. This is only possible, however, if the owners add a blog that contains something that can interest their site’s visitors.

This is where our third mistake comes in. There are some Web business owners who do not bother to offer something unique, especially in their site’s content. If you are able to properly optimize your site by offering something unique and interesting to your targeted market, then your site can greatly benefit from the improvement in search engine results since people will be linking to your site through different mediums such as blogs and forums, creating more inbound links later on.

Another mistake that online business owners commit is their use of inappropriate keyword phrases. It is important to remember that in order to be able to optimize the search engine result of your website, you need to make sure that you pick the appropriate keyword phrases, especially if you are only a small or mid-sized company. You should use the keywords that your potential customers may use in their search in the Web, and such keywords should be used in specific areas of your webpage.

Lastly, Web business owners sometimes do not label their links and images descriptively, making it very difficult for their visitors to know what they are being directed to. Being descriptive as possible not only helps visitors, but it can also help online businesses, especially those trying to market a particular product since Web business owners can use their main keywords and phrases in their link and image labeling, making it easier for them to direct potential customers to their site.


About the Author:
Vanessa Arellano Doctor from Jump2Top - SEO Company

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The Easy Way to Free Link Building

Author: Marius Pop

Link Building Basics

Your site is complete. Now you have to drive traffic to it, and how do you do that? You tell your friends about it, and tell the world about it. You publish articles, press release, web blogs and link exchange, post your site to directories-- all story short you build links. And the easiest and FREE way to build links is by doing all the above things.

How to Increase Page Rank

You need to drive traffic and you need to increase the Page Rank to get higher positions in Search Engines. You can check your site's Page Rank with a lot of websites and tools, one of them being Google Toolbar. Is Page Rank important? Of course it is! The Page Rank measures not just how many links point to your website, but the quality of those sites that link to you. So, start building links and increase your website Page Rank.

Link Building with Directories Submissions

The Web Directories offer some different type of submissions. There are premium submissions, for a specific amount of money (which can be monthly or annual), there are bid directories where you bid for your links to be displayed in the directory top, and there are regular links (these can be free or have a smaller fee) and regular/free links with reciprocal. We want to build links free, so any other option is excluded. The biggest free directory is Open Directory where you should list your site first!

Manual or Automate Directories Submissions

Now, there are out there lots of programs which can do the submission to directories automatically. Don't use them. They are practically useless. Build your links manually, submitting links to free directories and trying to make your links' description unique as this will be taking in consideration when links will be checked. There are tons of directories out there, lots are free and SEO friendly. Search for those and submit your site and soon you will se your Page Rank increasing and your position in search engine closing to the top.


About the Author:

Marius Pop is a owner of Vast Directory, a Free Link Directory and is also a graphic designer, you can view his portfolio at Your Graphic Designer.

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Improve Search Engine Ranking

Author: Darren D

In today's world of internet, it doesn't matter if you are a small company or large corporation, any business on the internet has the same chances for organic traffic results and this makes for a whole new marketing game for traffic. To improve search engine ranking in today's online market requires a bit of time, patience and creativity. Yes, it also requires a site.

In the words of Albert Einstein "Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value", this holds true now on the Internet Market. Though we all want to be successful, the face of the Internet has changed greatly and people are more aware of warning signs and stay away from sites that do not provide value to their search results. Just because you can improve search engine ranking doesn't mean your site holds true value to your potential clients. If you have read any of my other articles or blog posts you note that am drilling this issue of value added content to your site. Nothing upsets me more to find a site and not know what it is they really do or offer.

How can you improve search engine ranking and maintain clients through valuable content? We suggest the following:

1. Make sure your site is SEO friendly and readable to the search engines bots.

2. Create a Privacy Policy Page

3. Create a FAQ's Section

4. Create a Contact or Support page

5. Create a News Page

6. Create a Press Page

7. Use a Blog to manage the News, Press & FAQ's.

Now, those are just a few things that are important before you get into the additional things that you will need to improve search engine ranking. Your site should be well positioned for the search engines so they can find pages of content and know what keywords your site should be placed for.

Once you have your site in position you want to start spreading the word that your site is out there in the following ways:

1. Write articles each month educating people on your industry

2. Submit these articles to article directory sites

3. Submit your rss from your blog to rss directories and social book marking sites

4. Submit your site to SE friendly directories

5. Find related sites and broker deals with them to get your link somewhere on your site

6. Write Press Releases

7. Submit these Press Releases to PR websites

Over all what we are saying to make sure your site is always on the go in a sense with information and outbound links. To improve search engines rankings naturally is the best thing you can do for natural results. Don't worry if you can't accomplish these things there are plenty of trained companies who can manage these for you, just make sure feel comfortable with their services and that they don't offer you things that go beyond what you really need.


About the Author:
Darren Dunner is the author of this article on Improve Search Engine Ranking. Find more information on the subject at

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Traffic Generation Secrets Of The Gurus

Author: Chidi Akomas

Lets face it Internet marketing can be hard and frustrating if you do not know how to go about it and the so called gurus are not much help either, why, because if they tell you everything you will have no need to buy their products.

So how do you get to know their secrets? Well from my own experience it took me my first four months online to figure it all out. There are about nine effective ways that i know will get serious traffic to your site in no time. Here they are:

1.Plain old word of mouth or telling a friend. Yes as simple as it seems, this is an overlooked traffic generation secret. By just telling a few friends and family and getting them to tell a few friends and family you can start a form of viral marketing.

2.Newspaper and magazine advertising. You know the magazines are niche oriented, so why not put an advert in your niche related magazine/newspaper. You will be surprised at how many people who read that publication will check out your site out of curiosity.

3.Forums are a good place to advertise your site. You have to be a contributing member though. After posting to the forum a few times the moderator will let you include a link to your site.

4.Membership sites. Most well established membership sites have facilities where by you can joint venture with other members thereby exposing your website link.

5.Article Marketing. Perhaps the most effective traffic generating secret of all. Think of it this way, when you submit your articles to all the directories you are getting back links to your website and targeted prospects are getting to read your articles and then also click onto your link in the resource box.

6.Press Release. You can do a press release at various sites like prweb This will get your site traffic quick.

7.Google Adwords Campaign. This is a form of paid advertising whereby every click on your ad will cost you a small investment.

8.Submitting your website to directories. This is one of the most effective because of the links back to your site. These directories are well respected and will feature your site all over the web. But the problem with this method is it can be expensive and time consuming to manually submit your site to over 2000+ directories unless you use free directory submission like the gurus do.

9.Paid search engine optimization. Then there is plain old paying a company to undertake search engine optimization work for your website, which i must say can improve your sites rankings in the search engines significantly.


About the Author:
Chidi Akomas is an internet marketer and copywriter. He has written numerous books on internet marketing as well as personal development to name just a few. To see free video and see more of his work visit free video

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Things you Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Author: Nikunj Parikh

In a world where a millions of users access relevant information via search engines it becomes very important for every business to have their websites feature in top listings on a search engine or else they might end up losing a large chunk of potential business. And search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the tools used to obtain higher rankings and search visibility thereby driving more traffic to your website. And in recent times SEO has acquired a lot of importance in online marketing strategies for various businesses.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

SEO can be defined as a process in which you strategize your website so that it is structured according to preferences of search engine and thus help the search spiders index them efficiently to gain better search engine visibility and higher search rankings.

SEO does not limit itself to only particular part of a website rather it cuts across all the important aspect of website right from designing and coding to linking structure, URL conventions and site flow.

What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ?

One of the most significant benefits of SEO is that it provides you visibility on the search engine which are used by millions of users everyday and that to in a very cost effective and reasonable manner. And since your website is listed in organic search listings, the probability that a user will click on your site is higher, compared to paid listings. In fact studies show that likelihood of a user clicking on organic search listing is far higher than other means of internet marketing ?

And compared to other online as well traditional media of advertising SEO provides favorable return on investment (ROI). Recent studies have also shown that users are more biased towards organic search listings and thus efficient SEO can help you establish a trust with users and thus retain the visitors.

Above all, SEO can help you increase sales significantly as top ranking sites are considered more valuable and relevant resource of information. Thus you not only get good returns but you can also establish long term relationship with your clients.

Why do you need to hire a good SEO company?

Although there are many SEO companies out there, hiring a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company is very important because there are many companies who boast of instant results but end up leaving you disappointed by not providing you with desired returns and a profitable return on investment (ROI).

Apart from providing only short term gains, some SEO companies employ practices in which they help your website achieve top rankings just by trying to exploit technological loopholes in search engine’s algorithm and violating terms of service of search engine. This might help you in short term but could prove fatal to your business as there have been cases when search engines have penalized and in some cases banning the website altogether.

On the contrary a good search engine optimization company works on all the aspects of website and helps you achieve higher search engine rankings and increase traffic. Rather than trying to exploit the loopholes, a good SEO company will in fact try to understand what a Search Engines looks for in a website and optimizes your site accordingly and thus improving search visibility by abiding by the terms of search engines instead of using means that are considered unethical by search engines and risking penalties.

A good SEO company plays an active role in every aspect of your website development. It not only optimizes your site for better rankings but also for higher relevancy to users searching for information related to your business. In other words it helps you attract traffic relevant only to your area of n business by improving your website’s visibility for keywords specific to your website.

So although a good SEO company might not be able to provide you instant results but it can guarantee you a long term success and help you create a your own unique presence and distinct brand image in the world of web.


About the Author:
Nikunj Parikh

Visit: Internet Marketing ,Pay Per Click

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