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5 Amazing SEO Secrets That Will Make Your Articles Blast Your Website To The Top Of Search Engines

Monday, July 2, 2007

Author: Jim Corkern

I see in forums of article websites that many are struggling to use articles for SEO purposes and failing at an alarming rate. The solution are simple to correct the problems that hinder your sites climb to the top 10. If you understand what the search engines are looking for.

The first thing we must clear up is a few misconceptions about articles and their use and value. The first in this category is that links from the article directories do help you climb the search engines. You will understand this more as we cover the 3 secrets. The second is that you only need to submit to a few of the top directories.

The more exposure the better, chances are if you get included in 200 directories that you may get over 200 links just from the directories and that does not count the re-publishers of your articles.Remember, you are playing a numbers game. And that can increase web site traffic also

Now the 3 secrets.

The first secret is to get at least one of your keywords in the title of your article. There is a reason for this. The title of a page is a major factor in the search engines determining the value of the links to other sites on the page. What ever your title of the article is will likely be the title of the page. Go to goarticles or ezinearticles and click any article and the title of the article is also the title of the page. This puts your keywords in the title of the page.

Secret 2 is keywords in the content of the article. Try to get at least a 3 percent density of your keywords or phrase in the content.
This is SEO at its best because you have absolute control of the content of the article and can help to control the value of the links.
Do not buy into all of the voodoo that articles on article sites will not help with SEO. Each page is valued by the same factors as any other page on any site.
So my point is that your link needs to come from a relevant page, not a relevant site, and if you control the relevance you control the power of the link to some extent.

Secret 3 is to make sure that you have the proper anchor text in your resources box. This is the place where you blow your own whistle. Make sure that the link is html and the clickable part is one of the phrases that you are targeting. If you want to rank for frog legs, then the clickable text needs to be frog legs.

Now also consider that if you get accepted into 200 directories the chances are that you will get re-published. This is nothing more than a numbers game. The more time you put yourself in front of people the more potential you have to gain Web Traffic to your site and also you get a diversity of different IP addresses linking to your site.

Now lets look a few more bonus secrets and the additional benefits of articles and SEO. Lets look at the power of links.

Links values are calculated by the page that the link is on (notice I did not say the site?) The reason I say this is because each page is its own entity in the search engines. This can be proven several ways.The first way is page rank, page rank is assigned to each page of a website, not one pr for the whole site. I have seen sites with pr ranging from pr 10 to pr0.

Each page has its own value. The second example is you can have a site with 400 pages and have just 1 or anywhere from 1 to 400 pages indexed, if they were all counted collectively the whole site would be indexed at once.

There are over 100 factors that determine the value of any given link. Some of the factors include pr of the page, if your keywords are in the title and content, position of the link on the page, how many outbound links the page has and on and on.

The reason articles are so powerful is because you are creating a related page by controlling the title and content of the article you are writing.

You should be able to get 1 or more of your keywords in the title, and I am sure you can get at least one entire phrase in the content. This makes the page where your article is published relevant to your site because it has your keywords all over it.

The next advantage is that most articles site on directories for over 18 months and your article starts as a pr0 page, this should increase over time and Google updates. People will link to it, or might even publish it on their pr 5 site, now your links get better with time.

The many advantages of articles for SEO great are many. I wish I could mention them all here.

Article marketing and SEO are a great tool for the website owner. Learn to use them and they will keep you up top.


About the Author:
Jim Corkern is the lead SEO for a Quality New York SEO Company and is offering a Free Article Submission Service to the general public to help them market and preform SEO more efficently

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