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The Easy Way to Free Link Building

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Author: Marius Pop

Link Building Basics

Your site is complete. Now you have to drive traffic to it, and how do you do that? You tell your friends about it, and tell the world about it. You publish articles, press release, web blogs and link exchange, post your site to directories-- all story short you build links. And the easiest and FREE way to build links is by doing all the above things.

How to Increase Page Rank

You need to drive traffic and you need to increase the Page Rank to get higher positions in Search Engines. You can check your site's Page Rank with a lot of websites and tools, one of them being Google Toolbar. Is Page Rank important? Of course it is! The Page Rank measures not just how many links point to your website, but the quality of those sites that link to you. So, start building links and increase your website Page Rank.

Link Building with Directories Submissions

The Web Directories offer some different type of submissions. There are premium submissions, for a specific amount of money (which can be monthly or annual), there are bid directories where you bid for your links to be displayed in the directory top, and there are regular links (these can be free or have a smaller fee) and regular/free links with reciprocal. We want to build links free, so any other option is excluded. The biggest free directory is Open Directory where you should list your site first!

Manual or Automate Directories Submissions

Now, there are out there lots of programs which can do the submission to directories automatically. Don't use them. They are practically useless. Build your links manually, submitting links to free directories and trying to make your links' description unique as this will be taking in consideration when links will be checked. There are tons of directories out there, lots are free and SEO friendly. Search for those and submit your site and soon you will se your Page Rank increasing and your position in search engine closing to the top.


About the Author:

Marius Pop is a owner of Vast Directory, a Free Link Directory and is also a graphic designer, you can view his portfolio at Your Graphic Designer.

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