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Online Degree Program - your Education Option to Switch to a Right Career

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Author: Jullie Harvard

Are you in the right career which you are dreaming for? Most people find their current career is not what they actually want to be, but because of having family and other commitments, they can't afford to quit their current job just to earn another degree to qualify them for a career switch. If you are in this situation, online degree is your best option to move your career back to the right path.

Online education has gained it popularity among working adults to earn a career related degree either for their career advancement, job promotion or correction of career path. With such a high market demands, more and more online degree programs are introduced to meet the market needs and covered almost all career fields. Today, you can earn any type of degree online which offered by various prestigious online universities. In addition to that, many of traditional campus-based universities and colleges have made their degree programs available online to provide more choices for their students to choose between offline and online degree programs, some of these programs even have mixes with offline and online classes.

The best part about getting your degree online are flexibility and convenient of learning environment because you can attend the online classes from anywhere and at your own pace. The most important thing is you do not need to quit your current job; that means you can maintain your current income stream while preparing yourself for a career switch.

If you want to earn a degree online for the purpose of career switch, first of all you must find out what are the education requirements for your favorite career. You can easily get to know on the education requirement from the job vacancy hiring ads or online jobs posting sites. Once, you know the degree required to qualifying you for your favorite job, you can start to search for the related online degree programs offered by accredited online universities. As most universities posted their degree programs online, you could easily search for this information from internet. Don't be surprised if you found so many online universities offering the same degree programs, but beware for any potential scams from diploma mills.

In order to ensure you are earning a degree from a legitimate and good reputation online university, you should make sure you only enroll into the online degree program offered by online university at least with criteria below:

* Accredited by an Accreditation Agency that is recognized by Department of Education.

* Check for any complaint filed in Better Business Bureau ( The university should not have bad records.

* The degrees are highly accepted in the job market of your career field. You can find some hints from survey reports from Sloan-C (

Once you have enrolled into any of online degree program, the next thing your need to do is arrange your study schedule so that it won't crash with your working time. As most of online degree programs allow you to plan your learning schedule and study at your own pace, you can easily plan your study time that best fit into your own schedule. Proper time management between work, family and your study will enable to your complete your degree program, maintaining your current lifestyle and your income stream.

With the related degree for your career of choice, you are equipped yourself with the required education background to start your career switching process. Online education has been the best option for many working adults like you who are planning to make a career switch to earn a career related degree to meet their career goal.

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About the Author: Jullie Harvard is the author of, an online degree directory that lets you browse the online degree programs offer by accredited online universities.

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On-site SEO for Beginners

Author: Jerry Leung

There are basically two issues to be considered concerning SEO. They are namely on-site and off-site optimization. For on-site optimization, you will need firstly plan the theme and contents of your website so that it is optimized. On the contrary, off-site optimization is something to be done outside your website, one of the most important tasks for off-site optimization will be link building.

There are views that off-site optimization is more important then on-site work. However, I hold a slightly different point of view, you need to optimize your contents and themes for two reasons. First of all you need to tell the search engine your site is on a certain topic or niche. And the second part is that you need to attract real human beings to visit your website. As the end of the day you should bear in mind that you are in fact writing for real people instead of writing for search engines.

Going back to the notion of SEO, you still need to do something to tell search engines what your website is about. There are a few things you will need to consider.

1. Write a good title for each page. This is very important and the titles should contain the keywords of your website. However, you should be put the same word more than once in the title.

2. Write relevant meta tags (keywords and descriptions). Although some of search engines do not take these but there are still some which place certain weights on them. Besides, search engines like Google will display your meta descriptions as the introduction of your website on search results.

3. Write the contents of the web pages such that it contains the keywords. This is very important since search engines will see if your contents are really on the topic. However, my suggestion is that you can just write the contents naturally. You do not need to trick the search engines. If you are really writing something on the niche or topic of our website site. It will certainly contain the keywords. Writing with the keyword density in mind will just make the quality of your contents lower.

4. Update your website from time to time. One of the criteria the search engine rank web pages is the rate of updating. Of course there may be too difficult to update on a daily basis. However, you still have to do it regularly. You need to do it at least twice a month.

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About the Author: Jerry Leung is an author. You can find more about SEO and Making Money Online, ideas on Building Link Popularity and Affiliate Marketing.

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