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Amazing Facts About Article Marketing And The Power It Gives To SEO And Traffic

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Author: Jim Corkern

I have been meaning to write this article for a long time now but have failed to do so. There is much confusion as to how and why article marketing is so effective for seo and traffic. Well, the time has come for someone to lay it on the table for you.

Before we get into the articles we need to dispel a few myths. The first myth is that links from related sites are better than non related sites. This is part true , each page within a site is its own entity. pr is a way to prove it as a rank is assigned to each page, not one rank for the entire site, so a link on a related page is effective. Like an article directory.

The reason i say this is because the value of a link is rated by pr of the page the link is on, notice I did not say site? Having your keyword or some of your keywords in the title and content of the page. Number of outbound links from the page and the text or keywords close to your link. This is just a few of the factors. There are many other factors like position of the link on the page.

The beauty of articles is that you control the content and the title of the page it is published on. If you go to any article directory and click on an article you will notice that the title of the page is the title of the article. Most bloggers and web-site publishers also use the same practice. So, if you write your title right you just acquired links with your keywords in the title of the page. That just helped the power of the link. Now, if you manage to get your keywords of phrases in the content you just made it more powerful.

This is starting to look pretty good now, Lets keep going and see if we can find some more places to find advantages of seo with articles.

The whole reason of seo is to gain targeted traffic, right? well, I am going to blow your mind here, Let me show you some stats from just one article.

Article id 328196 on has had 241 views, 16 publishes and emailed 1 time. And this is just 1 article in one directory. With a 1% click through ratio that is 2 clicks to the site. Not very impressive. Lets investigate a little deeper.Search Engine Optimization - SEO

The example article was submitted to about 100 directories and is showing about 150 times in Google. To see this get an article title and past it in a search engine and you can see how may times it is indexed by that search engine. Now with an average of 2 clicks per publish, that just brought the traffic to 300 clicks from one article.

I can write an article in about an hour, what would 300 clicks cost on adwords? Are you starting to get the picture?

Now lets start writing just 1 article a day and now we do 300 times 30. That is for 30 days in a month. Now what does your traffic look like? It still gets better. What does month 2 do, what about month 3 and so on.

Now, the page you get your article on starts as a pr0 page, what will it be in a few months, you just increased the value of the links again, plus the traffic. Then you might have some bloggers or website owners that put your article on a pr 5 page.

The entire internet marketing game is nothing but math. Keep playing the numbers and you will soon win your game.

Articles are the most effective and cost effective way to get traffic and high search engine rankings. You have to stay consistent to make it happen.

Where else can you generate that kind of traffic and links in only 30 hours a month?

Instant article submitter is an article submission software that is about 100 bucks, but the most automated I have seen short of an article submission service. It is an investment that will pay you over and over if you really want to succeed in the online game, or use a submission service, but this cost more money per article. Article marketer is one of the cheapest and most comprehensive submission services I have seen, if you choose to use a submission service and I highly recommend them.

If you want to succeed in the online marketing game, you had better make articles just as regular as your fluid intake. You are doomed to have a weak business without articles.

You say you are doing well now? How would another 15 to 20 k uniques a month help your bottom line?

It does not happen over night, but by month 2 you will start seeing a good increase in traffic and links and you know the traffic is targeted and the links are quality and are only going to get stronger.

Always remember that hope is not a strategy...nor is it a solution. Prepare, put this into action and you will soon see a steady stream of high quality traffic and top search engine traffic


About the Author:

Jim Corkern works full time as an seo and online marketing expert. He now can be contacted through New York Web Design company

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