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Traffic Generation Secrets Of The Gurus

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Author: Chidi Akomas

Lets face it Internet marketing can be hard and frustrating if you do not know how to go about it and the so called gurus are not much help either, why, because if they tell you everything you will have no need to buy their products.

So how do you get to know their secrets? Well from my own experience it took me my first four months online to figure it all out. There are about nine effective ways that i know will get serious traffic to your site in no time. Here they are:

1.Plain old word of mouth or telling a friend. Yes as simple as it seems, this is an overlooked traffic generation secret. By just telling a few friends and family and getting them to tell a few friends and family you can start a form of viral marketing.

2.Newspaper and magazine advertising. You know the magazines are niche oriented, so why not put an advert in your niche related magazine/newspaper. You will be surprised at how many people who read that publication will check out your site out of curiosity.

3.Forums are a good place to advertise your site. You have to be a contributing member though. After posting to the forum a few times the moderator will let you include a link to your site.

4.Membership sites. Most well established membership sites have facilities where by you can joint venture with other members thereby exposing your website link.

5.Article Marketing. Perhaps the most effective traffic generating secret of all. Think of it this way, when you submit your articles to all the directories you are getting back links to your website and targeted prospects are getting to read your articles and then also click onto your link in the resource box.

6.Press Release. You can do a press release at various sites like prweb This will get your site traffic quick.

7.Google Adwords Campaign. This is a form of paid advertising whereby every click on your ad will cost you a small investment.

8.Submitting your website to directories. This is one of the most effective because of the links back to your site. These directories are well respected and will feature your site all over the web. But the problem with this method is it can be expensive and time consuming to manually submit your site to over 2000+ directories unless you use free directory submission like the gurus do.

9.Paid search engine optimization. Then there is plain old paying a company to undertake search engine optimization work for your website, which i must say can improve your sites rankings in the search engines significantly.


About the Author:
Chidi Akomas is an internet marketer and copywriter. He has written numerous books on internet marketing as well as personal development to name just a few. To see free video and see more of his work visit free video

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